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Just a couple of humbling statistics that you may, or may not, be aware of when starting your business:  The Census Failure Rate for Start-Ups was 91% (11:1).  Of the "successful" businesses, 95% of them will never reach the $1 million mark in annual sales.  So, it is somewhat rare to be in that top 5%.  Of that rare group, the remaining 95% will never make it to $5 million.  The ones who do, 98% will definitely not get to $10 million.  And it keeps going from there...


What is the difference between the organizations who are flourishing, and the ones barely making it?   Most people believe that it is the product or service provided, when in fact it is the skills and experience implemented by the management and leadership.


With over 30 years of combined experience of being top producing managers and leaders in some of the most prominent organizations in their industries, our team knows what is necessary when building a company in order for it to prosper and thrive in any economic climate.  Being a client of NIC, you are able to capitalize on this unique edge that will help take you and your organization beyond the limits that you may have set for yourself.



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